Brazil watching their own game played gainst them!

yesterday match was between Egypt and Brazil the result 3 - 4, but regardless the result I see that Egypt played un expected game against the masters of the football.

I can't hide that I'm one of the big Samba team fans, I even play with it in Play Station ;)

but yesterday Egypt prove that there are many talents and skills in it not less than in Brazil, and I guess that from yesterday Egypt performance; It was like Brazil watching their own game played against them; As we was moving the Ball with one touch

Gozaih and Ahmed Adel

Mr. Manwil Gozaih insist on making Ahmed Adel one of the players that he build the team on them, however all football followers know that he is not qualified for this especially with the existence of players like Islam El-Shater and Ahmed Sedik that play in the same position,

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