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Sura #112 Al-Ikhlas

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only Allah, the Eternal, Absolute

He begetteth not,  nor is He begotten

And there is non like unto him 

News falsification and fabrication

many times I read fabricated news at this web site ( Masrawy).

Masrawy became (or it may be built to be) source of News falsification and fabrication.

 many times, many times, many times they post news just to get the maximum traffic and maximum participation (comments) from net surfer.

Masrawy is the electronic side of yellow newspapers.

What makes the developer too happy ?

JSF Datatable datascroller Search result navigation to first page

­the problem in brief is that if you navigate using the datascroller to any page for example page number 5

and you enter a search  criteria and pressed on the search button the result is returned and the datatable is updated but the datascroller keeeps standing at page 5 which may not contain any data because­ your search result may not have enough data to be splitted on 5 pages so you want behaviour like after pressing search your datascroller will be set to page number 1 and this can be done as follows:



Brazil watching their own game played gainst them!

yesterday match was between Egypt and Brazil the result 3 - 4, but regardless the result I see that Egypt played un expected game against the masters of the football.

I can't hide that I'm one of the big Samba team fans, I even play with it in Play Station ;)

but yesterday Egypt prove that there are many talents and skills in it not less than in Brazil, and I guess that from yesterday Egypt performance; It was like Brazil watching their own game played against them; As we was moving the Ball with one touch

Problem wit JSF (Myfaces) t:inputFileUpload

If you are facing problem of the kind that some files get uploaded and some other files not.

for the first time you will off course debug the attachment handler action method of your command Button that is associated with the t:inputFileUpload and you will notice a strange behavioure that for the fiels that is uploaded successfully the action method (responsible for manipulating the uploaded file) get invoked as expected, but for those files that not uploaded and more over may destory your other form data, this method not invoked.

Hibernate Query Problem

I was facing a wired problem that is I'm constructing Hibernate criteria and I have added some constraints to it and then called the criteria.uniqueResult(); it sometimes return results and sometimes return null, however if you take the generated query and execute it against the database it will return result to you.

I have Engaged

I have engaged a cute girl during my annual vacation in Egypt, first I was refusing the idea of engagement at that time but when I see her I have changed my mind and it takes less than 12 hours to accept the idea of engagement.

you can say that this is Love at first glance then everything happened in a fast way as a sweet short dream,

Adjusting OC4J configuration to support Arabic

for adjusting OC4J configuration to support Arabic do the following:

in the OC4J Server Properties screen in the Command Line Options block add the red options to your Java Options as follows:

{JSF, JavaScript} controlling invocation order

{JSF, JavaScript} controlling invocation order

I put JSF and JavaScript in a set as the order in the set is not important, and in this post I will speak about the four types of invocation in JSF web application which are:

  1. JavaScript Call.
  2. JSF Call.
  3. JavaScript call, followed by JSF call.
  4. JSF call, followed by JavaScript call.

I will give a simple illustration of the usage of each one of the above a long with how you can achieve it.

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