I feel disappointed as I have not learned anything new that deserve to be mentioned during the last 2 years, 

Also I didn't progress in My Master,

In terms of my career path I'm not moving in a planned way in terms of heirarchy, management, or leadership.

 All of the previous things make me think is this the time to start looking for a big organized company that have process to join, or should I stay more time in small/medium company with no well defined process may be I learn something new.


luar biasa Artikel kehendak yang Aku sudah meneliti saya mendukung bagaimanapun bisa jauh lebih menarik dalam acara yang Anda membuat artikel tentang perjalanan pria dan wanita termasuk dengan ini situs blog. Tour Pulau Tidung

Disappointment happen once

Disappointment happen once in a while. It depends on how you understand the situation. - Dennis Wong

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