The AndroMDA session that I gave in one of EGJUG meetings

the content listed below I'm not the one wrote it. It's wrote by an EGJUG member called shalano

EGJUG Second Meeting

In the second meeting of EGJUG that was held

on 29/7/2006 at Cairo Faculty of Computer Science there were 2 sessions

and meeting.

The 1st one was "Introduction to AndroMDA" by Ali Abd El-Aziz from OpenCraft.

Ali spoke about the following:

  • Introduction

    to MDA (Model Driven Architecture). In this topic he discusses overview

    of the Model Driven Architecture and its basic concepts.

  •  What is AndroMDA? He introduces the AndroMDA to us as framework for code generation form UML diagram.
  •  What

    can AndroMDA do for me? He spoke about the merits of AndroMDA as it can

    generate code for different layers of application. Such as Database,

    Model and View layers.

  •  MDA & code generation.
  •  How does AndroMDA works?
  • Why AndroMDA?
  •  How does AndroMDA compare with tools?

Then he shows the audience a sample application that uses AndroMDA to generate its model from UML Diagram.

The steps of application were:

  1. To make an application you have to download required plug inns.
  2.  He generated the application using the Maven that embedded with AndroMDA.

    Then he shows the audience the directory structure of the generated

    application. He discussed the Maven.xml structure and different tasks

    that used to mange the application  

  3.  He opened the model file using a UML tool called Magic Draw. He made the Course, Instructor, Employee and Course fulfillment entities. The Instructor is Employee and responsible for teaching courses whose information is stored in Course fulfillment.
  4. He generated the code for this model. Then he described the database scripts that came out and the application model source files.

He answered some questions from the audience. From the question:

Q: must I write the cartridges that used in AndroMDA?

A: No you don’t have to unless ready made cartridges don't provide what you need.

Q: What about reverse Engineering from database schema?

A: there is tool called schema to XMI that can do this task.

Thanks shalano you saved alot of time on me to write this on my blog as I'm trying to collect all of my work, presentation my blog.

 this article reference on EGJUG site is below

the presentation is attached in PDF format.

AndroMDA.pdf475.2 KB


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