Alex - Cairo (drug dealer)

Last Week I was returning from Alex so I go to train station to check the time of Cairo trains but I found the first one will be 9:30 pm and it was 8:30 o'clock so I get out to search for micro bus I found one so I get in but for my bad luck it was empty so I waited till 10:30pm till it is completed but there were just one empty place so one of the passengers said I will take 2 chairs so the driver asked her to get out and set in the front to take the two chairs in the front but after that we discovered that one was reserving chair and get out to buy something so the driver asked another one to get out as he was the last one came to the car.
But the girl setting in the front told him she don't need the extra chair so he can set on it.
Any way the car start moving and the driver played a boring movie "3odet el-nadla" and when we reached the Cairo gateway the driver stopped and one police guy came and start looking in the passengers faces it seams that I'm the only one who he didn't like so he asked me what are you working I told him Developer he said what?! I told him Computer Engineer.
Then he asked me to get out of the car it was 12:30am I take my labtop with me in case he make me missed this car.
when he see my bag he asked me what is inside it I told him labtop and start showing him the labtop -I didn't wanna miss the car- so he asked me what s the type of this labtop I told him Dell.
then he asked me to cut my hair. then I get into the car.
and he asked the guy setting in the front to get out and suddenly I found the police guy start searching him and he found something (drugs) and in the same way in El tagroba el danamrki the police guy said we are done you can go now.

So I was in the same car with drug dealer. very interesting.


sa mi páči zvláštne obsah článkov máš skladala napriek tomu že som dúfal, že si možno môžete napísať Obsah články o cesta kvôli tomu, ma baví . Ako príklad môžete Štúdie Môj osobný príspevok i dal vaše identifikovať Paket Pulau Tidung

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