Java Developers Conference 2007 - [NetBeans Session (ONE HAND NEtBeans DEMO) ]

In The Last Saturday [20 of January 2007] the first Java Developers Conference (JDC) was held in Egypt.
On thing worth to mention it was the first time for me to attend Session, Seminar, Or Conferencec at -4 Floor, yes the conference was held in Cairo at Saraya Hall in Intercontinental City Stars Cairo - which at -4 floor.
it was one of the the best days in the life of any Java Geek, as there was a good Collections of Java Sessions, I will speak in this post about NetBeans Session as it was the most Exciting Session at least for me, But I'm sure that others will share the same opinion with me at least the guys who got NETBEANS 5.5 T-Shirts ;).

Roumen was the NetBeans Presenter he is a nice guy I think he was flying not just walking he firs said I will ask you some questions and the one who will answer will take T-Shirt [NetBeans 5.5 T-Shirt], the questions wasn't technical?
One of the questions was Can any body guess where I took this photo [photo for Roumen with animal]?
Some one told him at Giza Zoo he told him right, you wined the first T-Shirt.
Followed by question who much does it cost me?
it was 6 Pounds and the second guy got the Second T-Shirt. and so on.

The funny part in this session when he wants to make demos while he was carrying the MIC so he have to use ONE HAND for making this demo so we can call this session ONE HAND NEtBeans DEMO without mouse.

and Roumen go to show us DEMO for WEB Service Followed with Drag and Drop JSF and Mobile Application followed by Matisse Desktop Application.

Finally, Roumen Gave us snapshot about what NetBeans 6 will have, I wish to see Roumen Next year in the JDC presenting Netbeans 6 with no hands.

At the End I have many Question for Roumen.
I know that most of the following question I should try on the IDE but I think Roumen can give me quick anser for it.

  1. For JSF Drag and Drop Support does it support any JSF implementations; if added Myfaces jars is there any place to configure to make the Myfaces Contorls appear on the palet?
  2. Is there any plan for importing projects from differen IDEs like Eclipse or Jubilder it will be nice?


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I have no knowledge

I have no knowledge whatsoever about java, but I attended this meeting and it was cool. - Chuck Sugar


1. At the moment Visual Web Pack supports Sun's JSF components. You can get third party components as well, for instance check out ICE Faces at:

We plan to add support for additional components including jMaki AJAX components and MyFaces are considered in the future, too.

2. JBuilder and Eclipse importers are available from Tools | Update Center :) Here is a guide for JBuilder:

Thanx alot Roumen.

Thanx alot Roumen.
I think JBuilder and Eclipse importers is a very big feature that needed to be highlighted as I was using Netbeans 5 and now using Netbeans 5.5 but don't know that this feature exist.

Ali Abdel-Aziz Ali.

Can you give me contact to you?

Can you give me contact (mail) to you? in case of any new questions come to my mind.
Ali Abdel-Aziz Ali.


My e-mail is roman dot strobl at sun dot com. See my blog for other contacts:

I posted a cool new demo few minutes ago into my blog so go check it out :))

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