Developers VS Business (1)

These are two Conversations that took place today between 2 developers and business.
I will remove the names.
We have three Characters in this Story, FirstDeveloper, SecondDeveloper, BusinessAnalyst.

The first Conversation between FirstDeveloper and BusinessAnalyst.

FirstDeveloper : shooof deiaaat 3enaaab


FirstDeveloper : smb://

Developers VS Business (2)

Please read Developers VS Business (1) post first

this conversation took place between FirstDeveloper, and SecondDeveloper


FirstDeveloper : SecondDeveloper I replied to the BusinessAnalyst on his "How" question with this

function watchItOnMyMachine(Employee emp) {

xlock; // lock your screen

emp.moveFromTo(BusinessRoom, DevelopersRoom);

NetBeans .... a funny IDE

Today, after I failed to solve some bugs, I decided to comment these lines. Yes commenting them will relax me when I see the building result with no errors. I did it,then rebuild and find the surprise the same errors comes again and the commented code is uncommented :D

The IDE may contian a ghost the saw that commenting these line is a big error.


Playing Football Next Monday

Hello Guys, we will play Football next MONDAY (22/01/2007) From 9:00 To 11:00 and this are the possible ways you can take to arrive to the place we will play in,

  1. For People commming using Metro:
    Elmatarya station -> AlfMaskan microbus -> Emad Coffee -> ask about mal3ab Eltala2e3
    ok ?
  2. For People commming from Gesr El-Swes:
    yenzel 3and bta3 el bon ( Alf-Maskan ) -> matarya-na3am microbus
    ask the driver about mal3ab el tala2e3
  3. For People who will come by Car:
    From gesr el swes -> 7'osh 3nd 2esm 3een shams then take right st -> first left -> dos banzeen shoaya -> 3 min and ask about mal3ab el tala2e3 ( it's in the st. u walk in now which is mat7af el matarya st. )

Four Fantastic Phrases at work

Let's say you agree with me, that being happy at work is really important. That coming to work day after day, year after year, simply for the paycheck is just not enough. Hey, we spend most of our waking hours at work, so we might as well enjoy it, right?

Assuming that: What can you do to be happy at work? Specifically, what can you do right here and right now? Something simple, easy and fun, that will make a positive difference for you and your co-workers.

If that's where you're at, there are Four Fantastic Phrases you should know. Four simple things to say that make work a lot more fun. Four phrases whose absence is guaranteed to make work absolutely miserable.

Situation from Collage Days

أنا كان مشروع التخرج بتاعى هو روبوت واحنا كنا بنعمل كل حاجة من أول تقطيع الصاج مرورا بجلب المواتير والدوائر اﻷلكترونى وأخيرا البرنامج
أكتر حاجة كانت مجننانة �ى المشروع ده هو الم�تاح الصغير كنا كل لما نحتاجه علشان نربط صامولة أو ن�كها منلقيهوش ذى ما يكون بيمشى �علا كنا بنلئيه �ى حتت ما حدش حته �يها المهم �ى يوم دخلت على صحابى لقيتهم رابطين الم�تاح �ى حبل ورابطين الحبل �ى السرير الحل ده �علا ساعدنا وبقينا نلاقى الم�تاح بسهولة بس �ى يوم قررنا نروح نشتغل �ى المدينة الجامعية بدل بيتى �كان من الطبيعى ناخد العدة معانا وطبعا الم�تاح ده من ضمن العدة ��كناه وعبناه �ى الشنطة بتاعت البطاريات وياريتنا معملنا كده المهم واحنا �ى طريقنا للمدينة وق�نا نشترى شويت مسامير بصواميل و�جأة لئينا الكيس بتاع البطاريات بينور طبعا اتخضينا وكنا خاي�ين نقرب �ى اﻷول من الكيس المهم اتشجعنا و�تحنا الكيس


I faced big problem when one of my friends chat with me with abbreviated letters so I will collect the ABBREVIATIONS here may be I list all of them.

  1. ASAP As Soon As Possible.
  2. U R W You Are Welcome.
  3. ASL Age, Sex, Location?
  4. ISA In Sha2 Allah.
  5. BTW By The Way.

fel free to add your abbreviations.

If ALLAH was to grant you 70 years of your life…..

If ALLAH was to grant you 70 years of your life…..

You would spend:

  1. 24 years sleeping
  2. 14 years working
  3. 8 years in amusement
  4. 6 years at the dinner table
  5. 5 years in transportation
  6. 4 years in conversation
  7. 3 years in education
  8. 3 years in reading
  9. 3 years in watching TV
  10. If you prayed 5 Times every day, you would be giving ALLAH 5 months of your life.
    Can't we give 5 months out of 70 years?

Let's all give ALLAH a minimum of 5 months of our lives! (try)

Desoky has been married ;(

�ى تطور سريع للأحداث, جأنا الأن هذا البيان التالى
�ى تمام الساعه السابعه بتوقيت طنطا الخامسه بتوقيت جرينتش تم عقد قران السيد دسوقى عبد القوى , وقد جاء هذا القرار بعد محادثات مكث�ه بين العائلتين تخللتها بعض الضغوط الدبلوماسيه J
هذا وقد وص� الخبراء الحدث بالم�اجئ , وسنوا�يكم بت�صيل الحدث لحقا
أحمد نيازى

Taking backups should represent 10% of doing CONTROLE + S .

Thanx God, Thanx God.
After I finished the development of mifos Holiday module my Supervisore Karim asked me to list the files I added (java, xml, properties, sql) and what changes I did on existing files(java, xml, properties, sql).

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