Setting up AndoMDA Environment ( Fixing Maven Repository )

Install Maven

Maven a tool used for building and deploying applications generated by AndroMDA. Based on the concept
of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting,
and documentation from a central piece of information. Install Maven by following
the steps below:

Toad Using Oracle Instant Client

At the beginning I would like to say that I don't know ORACLE, but I guess I'm a good googler.

I tried to make Toad worx using Oracle client but I didn't find Oracle client for Windows (32 bit).

Installing Apache on CentOS


The Apache binary package avaiable for CentOS is related to 2.0.xx version. PHP
is avaiable too, but only version 4.xx. Apache Web Server 2.0.xx and PHP 4 are stable
and are good solutions, but for new project PHP 5 is often requested, and Apache 2.2
is a very good choose.

Apache developers say that 2.2.xx version is the best version avaiable.

Installing RPMForge for CentOS 5.0

CentOS 5

You should make sure that you have ProtectBase installed.


yum-protectbase is available in the CentOS 5 repositories:

طارق قرأ �اتحة يا رجالة

طارق قرأ �اتحة يا رجالة

أل� أل� مبروك

وطبعا يا جماعة طارق مقالش لأي حد بسبب ان ده كانت حاجة صغيرة

بس طبعا كلكم معزومين على الخطوبة اللى لسة

مش راضي يقول لحد على معادها

أل� أل� مبروك يا طارق

زمالكاوي اتجوز؟

زمالكاوي اتجوز؟

واحد زملكاوى ليلة دخلته

راحت عروسته قالتله قبل ماتلمسنى أحب أقولك سر:

أنت مش الراجل الاول �ى حياتى

الراجل أصيب بدهشة

ور�ع إيديه للسماء وقال

هو يارب المركز الثانى ده ورايا وراياا

Programmer Feelings

الشعور بالغيط :
لما يكون المؤشر بالعربي و مش راضي يبقلب انجليزي .
الشعور بالحرمان:
لما تكون قاعد علي لاب توب و البطاريه قريب تخلص او خلصت و مش معاك مصدر كهرباء .
الشعور بالغباء:
لما تكتب اسمك و الباسورد بتاعه الميل كذا مرة و مش راضي يدخل لانك ناسي رزار الكبس شغال او ملخبط �ي جزء من الباسورد او حاجه كده .

Sixteen Commonsense Listening Tips

Sixteen Commonsense Listening Tips - By Dr. Tony Alessandra

The reason you don't understand me, Edith, is because I'm talkin' to you
in English and you're listenin' to me in dingbat!" - Archie Bunker
Archie was right about finding a common language or wavelength, but it
takes two to communicate - the speaker and the listener. Both need to make
the effort to understand each other. According to a French proverb, "The
spoken word belongs half to him that speaks and half to him who hears."

Different culture in Marsa Matroo7

What a Different culture in Marsa Matroo7?

this year it was the first time for me visiting Marsa Matroo7 and it is an amazing place very good water very cute place and a charming nature.

the different thing I have seen there is honesty as you can stop a taxi and tell him for example you will take me to Ageeba and you will return to me after 2 hours to take me back home.

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