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We are the best (El-Ahlawia)

جمهور الأهلي �ي نهاية المباراة �اق كل وص� ممكن وأصاب الجميع بالصدمة الرهيبة حتى أن جماهير الزمالك التي كانت تحت�ل ب�وز �ريقها صمتت تماما وهي تشاهد جمهور الأهلي يهت� بحماس منقطع النظير للاعبيه �ي مشهد جديد تماما على ملاعب الكرة المصرياء .

If I wasn't Ahlawy I wished to be Ahlawy

A report about the life in Egypt.

*A foreign Newspaper wants to publish a report about the life in Egypt, So

they send a female reporter to interview the common citizen in Egypt.

When she arrives at Cairo. She picks a random guy, and starts her interview*


Egyptian:We 3alkom el salam ya 2otta

Reporter:Do u speak english?


Reporter:Do u mind if i interview u?

Egyptian:No,i dont have a mind

Reporter:What's your name?



Taha: I love it

Reporter:oh no, i meant male or female?

Taha (yelling): what do u sink?

Advices for Computer Users.

هذه التمارين نصح بها أحد أطباء العيون. وهي جديرة بأن يمارسها كل واحد منا ممن يقضي الساعات الطوال �وق مكتب، محدقا �ي شاشة الحاسوب. وهو أطلق عليها اسم 20-20-20.
الخطوة الأولى:-

Its really a great friendship.

Really it is a great friendship.
I met my friends last Monday(23/4/2007) to get out and meet our friend 3mera who was returning from UK in a short vacation and we go out and we spoked about many things but one important thing is that he told us that he will come from Tanta tomorrow with a bunch of chicks, so as a sense of humor I told him great when you arrive Cairo call me he said I will not I told him Ok I will call you.

And on Tuesday(24/3/2007) some one offered me two tickets for the El-Ahly vs Barca Match because Emera is one of my best friends and I know that he love to attend matches in stadium I tried to call him to see if he can come to Cairo on time as the time was 4:00 pm when I the other guy offered the tickets for me, so I decided to call Emera to see if he can be in Cairo on time as I heard that they will close the stadium gates at 5:30 or 6:00 PM, so I called him but he didn't answer me so I called him again he didn't answer so I remembered the last conversation related to chicks and I inducted that he thought that I'm calling him because of this so I decided to send him message telling him that I have tickets for the match.

I want my shark

�ن الإدارة

مديرون .. أم أسماك قرش ؟
�ي كل منشأة يوجد موظ�ون مهملون كما يوجد رؤساء مزعجون, و�ي كلتا الحالتين تجد أصابع
الاتهام تشير إلى الطر� الآخر , �الموظ� المقصر يتهم رئيسه بإحباطه, �يما يشكو الروساء
من موظ�ين لا يؤدون مهامهم ويضيعون أوقات العمل ويسببون المشكلات, ولكن الحقيقة التي
تغيب عنا هي أن بعض الموظ�ين يحتاجون إلى التح�يز المستمر لينتجوا, وإذا كان بإمكاننا أن




is equal to

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11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

3mera is comming

3mera will come next Thursday (05/04/2007) at 1:00 AM
welcome back 3mera, I hope you stay long period this time, before you return back.

Alex - Cairo (drug dealer)

Last Week I was returning from Alex so I go to train station to check the time of Cairo trains but I found the first one will be 9:30 pm and it was 8:30 o'clock so I get out to search for micro bus I found one so I get in but for my bad luck it was empty so I waited till 10:30pm till it is completed but there were just one empty place so one of the passengers said I will take 2 chairs so the driver asked her to get out and set in the front to take the two chairs in the front but after that we discovered that one was reserving chair and get out to buy something so the driver asked another one t

Will you agree to Work for google without getting any salary ?!

هل تقبل أن تعمل �ى جوجل بدون اجر؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

�ى محاضرة من عدة أشهر�ي كلية دبي للإدارة الحكومية ألقاها مؤسس ورئيس المنتدى الاقتصادي العالمي «كلاوس شواب» الذي كان يتحدث عن النظام العالمي الجديد وخصوصاً �يما يتعلق بتنا�سية الشركات عابرة القارات �ي مختل� أقاليم العالم، وكان مما قاله شواب إن العالم يظن بأنه يدل� إلى أحضان العولمة بينما هو �ي الحقيقة قد تعدى العولمة إلى م�هوم جديد أتت به إحدى أكبر الشركات �ي العالم وهي شركة «غوغل » ا��هٌم.

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