I'm so angry

I'm so angry.

 really this is one of the fewest times I got angry to this degree and what make me so angry is that I couldn't forget/forgive this situation.

this is because one of my friends Nyazy engaged - don't understand me wrong so fast just keep reading - and I tried to publish this to the whole people who know him, so I decided to send email on our colleges' mailling list but Nyazy as moderator and for his luck he catched the email I sent  and alter it so that Instead of saying Nyazy is Engaged he wrote I'm engaged and so on.

and he replied on this email that is supposed to be sent from me and said  congratulations Ali ;)

then all people kepp reply and congratulating and I didn't notice anything until someone (Kemo) called me and start attacking me and telling me how you do this without telling me I thought he was speaking about my traveling but so fast I realized that he was speaking as I'm engaged ;) so I told him what happened.

and when I returned to my mail I found the email I sent is correct but people reply on the one that Nyazy altered it, so I couldn't understand anything so I replied and said I can't understand anything but Nyazy is the one who engaged not me.

But Nyazy also altered this email and wrote "Thanks every body" to find another replies on my reply  (or the one that is supposed to be mine) with congratulations. I got crazy as everything I sent is correct and I recive it correctly but people reply on version (Nyazy version) that I didn't wrote. Then I catched the clue and decide to send from one of my friends (Hefnawy) email, and pointed out that this is not acceptable and said that if Nyazy do this stuff today by using his authority no one knows what he gonna do tomorrow and I wrote below is the original email.

but the real problem is that the matter go on other mailling list and no one can catch it anymore so I was so angry.

and Nyazy was speaking with me on chat and asked me about my openion in what he did actually I like the idea. and told him nice but I was so angry. I guess he feel with this and told me it seems that you are angry after long discussion I told him really I'm not angry from you but I'm not gonna use this mailling list (yahoo group) anymore

 as it wasn't nice/cool to alter email I sent . he keep telling me that this happened by luck and this never happened before but I couldn't accept this however I'm not angry from him at all I'm angry from the Admin who altered the email not from my friend Nyazy and by luck the two persons are the same one.

Nyazy tried by all means to correct what he did and posted blog post saying sorry to me then I got email that I have been become modderator now to the mailing list but actually this didn't let me feel good and till now I didn't send any mail even saying that what happened is wrong and I didn't engaged to let the people stop congratulating for me. and I guess I'm not gonna use this group anymore.

Its really bad feeling that you found someone taking your identity and saying words that you didn't say.

and what make it a terrible feeling is that many people start chatting and calling you and you have to illustrate to them the whole situation. 

Actually I thought about replying and taking revenge and also I thought about sending email from his account using any code snippet and saying any words that he don't like.

but I decided not to send anything and stop using or more accurately stop sending anything on this group just listen.

In life we stumble across a

In life we stumble across a lot of things and people who we believe are irreplaceable. But nothing really is irreplaceable until we ensure so. It's all about what we really want. - Reba Rambo-McGuire

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