News falsification and fabrication

many times I read fabricated news at this web site ( Masrawy).

Masrawy became (or it may be built to be) source of News falsification and fabrication.

 many times, many times, many times they post news just to get the maximum traffic and maximum participation (comments) from net surfer.

Masrawy is the electronic side of yellow newspapers.

what makes me post this is the following news

يجردون فتاة من ملابسها امام المارة ويفقدوها عذريتها لرفضها الزواج من ابنهم

Which is not believable? by all means it is not believable.

Who is the author of this news? not written in the news page; as if this news was written from itself. or maybe they forget to writte the author name (shit shit)

Where is the references in other official newspapers? there is no references.

Where is the Police record details? there is no police record details.

Where is the location that this accident take place in? there is no place however this is not a problem for them, the one who can falsify and fabricate something like that this will not be problem for him/her.

where are the people? people what people there is no creature with this specs was they doing this action in glass house so that all can see but no one can interfere


What make those people post things like that is that no body follow up this news like the court judgment on the criminals with details about the criminals names and info and the case details.

I hope to find some laws that criminalize any false or fabricated news and at least the author of this news must be prisoned, so that no one else think about doing this again, and in case there is no author written on the article the whole newspaper or web site owners must be faced to know the one behind this news.

Fuck to those people that make our image really bad in front of the world.

This is one of the problems

This is one of the problems of our country right now, a false news that are being fed to the people of the country. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

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