JSF Data Scroller Pagination Information

in this post I will speak about Displaying JSF Data Scroller Pagination Information.

by default data table and data scroller JSF component  have no direct way to display the pagination information

for example: displaying information about the current displayed records (31 - 40 From 96)

this can be done simply by doing the following steps:

  • define abstract SortableList Class that have dataTable property as follows:
­import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
import org.apache.myfaces.component.html.ext.HtmlDataTable;

 * @author <a href="mailto:robinhoo.2006@gmail.com">Ali Abdel-Aziz</a>

public abstract class SortableList extends BaseBean {
    /** the data table that will be used in binding to the JSF 
        dataTable component. */
    private HtmlDataTable dataTable;
     * reset Data Scroller to be at the first page.
     * @param e
    public void resetDataScroller(ActionEvent e) {
        if(dataTable != null)
     * set the Html Data Table
     * @param dataTable
    public void setDataTable(HtmlDataTable dataTable) {
        this.dataTable = dataTable;
     * get the Html Data Table.
     * @return dataTable
    public HtmlDataTable getDataTable() {
        return this.dataTable;


  • any class that deals with data table should extend our defined SortableList as follows:

public class MangedBeanListBean extends SortableList

  • inside the jsf page that you wanna display the pagination information (1 - 20 From 96) ad the following jsf panel grid:
  • add binding to our defined dataTable in <t:dataTable binding="#{managedBeanListBean.dataTable}" >


    <t:panelGrid id="list_page_displaying_Count" columns="1" align="center" 
                 style="width:12%" dir="RTL" >
          <h:panelGroup style="align:ceneter;" styleClass="pagination">
               <h:outputText value="#{mangedBeanBean.dataTable.first + 1} " />
               <h:outputText value=" - " />
               <h:outputText value="#{(mangedBeanListBean.rowCount < (sharedUtil.noOfTableRows + mangedBeanListBean.dataTable.first)) ? 
                                       mangedBeanListBean.rowCount : (sharedUtil.noOfTableRows + mangedBeanListBean.dataTable.first)} " />
               <h:outputText value=" #{globalResource.from} " />
               <h:outputText value="#{mangedBeanListBean.rowCount}" />


this will­ generate the following pagination information:

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