I have Engaged

I have engaged a cute girl during my annual vacation in Egypt, first I was refusing the idea of engagement at that time but when I see her I have changed my mind and it takes less than 12 hours to accept the idea of engagement.

you can say that this is Love at first glance then everything happened in a fast way as a sweet short dream,

  • I have seen her for the first time at 31/01/2009 night.
  • I have accepted the idea of engagement at 01/02/2009morning.
  • I have asked her about her opinion about engagement at 01/02/2009night.
  • I got theacceptance from her at 02/02/2009morning.
  • My family visited her family to arrange all the stuff at 02/02/2009nigh.
  • We bought the engagement jewelry at 03/02/2009 night.
  • We mad the engagement party at 05/02/2009 night.
  • Then an opinion arises from my family why not we don't get married just on paper ;) and postpone the wedding party to the next year. this happens at 06/02/2009.
  • I was not accepting this at the beginning and I said any way let my wife family be the ones who refuse.
  • My family told her family about this idea at the same day 06/02/2009night.
  • we got the reply at 08/02/2009 during this period I accepted the idea by 80%.
  • we go to photocopy and to get the funny medical report at 09/02/2009morning.
  • we got married (Katabna Ketabna) 09/02/2009night.
  • ISA wedding party next year...

I am not really sure what to

I am not really sure what to say here, but for me engaging into something that you like is not a problem at all. - Marla Ahlgrimm


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.
by caterers in goa

Rabena yetamemlak b 5eer

What a funny gawaza :D

 Rabena yewafa2ak ya 3ly enta testahel kol 5eer

Rabena yekremkom w tetgawezo bsor3a

99999999999999999 milion Mabrouuuuuuuuuuk 

Thanks Abu 3aida

thanks a lot  Hefnawy,

Congratulations for your first release (your first little cute girl), rabena yekhalehaalk

Ali Abdel-Aziz.

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