Exception Context

An idea come to my mind why there is no Exception Context or anything similar .

Why I need this;

many times you have to re catch the same exception and behave in similar behavior or even a little bit different from different locations in your application.

a solution for the re write problem of the same lines of catching and handling is to have something like Exception Context  that any thrown exception get register in this context and by the usage of AOP Aspect Oriented Programing you can define which exception handling method should be invoked after which business methods.

Exception Handling methodology that just throw the exception and have just one Exception Handling class that is responsible for handling the thrown exception is not the ultimate methodology for handling all the situations.

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The exception approach lets you to get an approach the list of context labels. If you are a PHP expert, you can see the context of error often.

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A mistake brought on by circumstances outside the projects control. At the point when a lapse happens inside a system, the strategy makes an article and hands it off to the run time system.the item, called a special case item, holds data about the failure, including its write and the state of the project when the slip happened.

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Exception Handling method

Exception Handling method can be very helpful to reuse the same exception and designed to behave in similar or differently. I hope someday such solution will be created and programmers can work with exception content in a much better way. Thanks James

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