When a dumy guy became a Software Developer.

When a stupid take development as a profession.

first of all I wanna say that I'm not of the kind of guys who talks shit about others.

Lets start, For my bad luck I have been working as a Senior Software Developer in ARPU+ (an ORASCOM company).

I will tell you why?

Because I'm a senior and the most stupid person on this earth works under me.

I don't know why I remembered Ismail Yassin's movie when Sergent Atia was talking to himself and saying "I can't believe that there is another one like this stupid guy I can't believe it."

Currently I'm doing hand over as I will leave ARPU+ by the end of this month, Thank God that I will survive from this stupidity.

This guy does dozens of stupid things and I was quiet but after this last issue I can't keep quiet anymore, I may not speak but I will write.

The issue that happened and pushed me to write is:

two or three days ago I asked him to do a task and I told him the system by default doesn't have this feature and you have to search for a similar feature and know what should be done to add a similar one (the one we want) and told him what he needs to do exactly.

After a little while I found an email sent to the open Source project malling list asking them how to do this task and wrote to them the task description exactly as I told him.

I don't care for this however its one stupid thing.

And the guys on the malling list replied to him with the things he needs to add to which files, nothing harmful till now.

And after he did this he sent them an email "I have edited this and this Java classes do I need to recompile or just restart the server."

How come changing in the Java code doesn't need recompilation and if he didn't know how it is impossible that Java developers don't know stuff like this.

why didn't he try instead of flooding the mailing list with these stupid questions.

This is the mail read it.

I guess any one should take a moment with himself before deciding to become a Software Developer, as this profession is not for stupid. 
[ Ali Abdel Aziz ]

Programming is a battle between the developer trying to make better idiot proof software, and the universe trying to make a better idiot.

So far the universe is winning [ Unknown ]

Everybody falls sometimes in

Everybody falls sometimes in some kind of way but what matter is whether or not they stay in that same shape. - Dennis Wong

You should delete this post

Ali I don't think that it's a smart thing from you at all as a "senior responsible developer" to list the problems of your team on your blog and tag them as stupid.

 Don't forget that you were junior one day and your patient  team leader teaches you.

Sure I was Juniore But.

Michael Sure I was junior but I never did things like this and if I did it's better for me to switch to another career field.

Michael you don't really know How much I suffered with him, Do I need to tell you that he is one of the major reasons that pushed me to leave this company.

I know you and others will speak about being ideal and should teach this guy and be a good manager (by the way I hate manager word) for him and all of this stuff, But I wanna tell you something I don't have any objection to teach anyone anything and I don't pretend to be the smartest one on this earth and also I see that there are more to learn and I still don't have the experience I'm expecting to gain and I'm still in the beginning of my career path.

But believe me I didn't do this unless I couldn't stop myself.

Michael you are my friend and I don't wanna wish you bad things, But I wish you to work with this guy or with one like him and then after this come and speak with me.

You forced me to list here some situations happened:

1.  When he write query that returns number of rows which are less than the expected and when I ask him to review the query as the number of rows is incorrect and he tell you ok I'm done I have removed the where and now it returns more than the number you want.

Thats All.

Ali Abdel-Aziz.

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