First of all I didn't do the translation by myself so I don't know any translation offices.
Also I didn't get/fill the 2 CERFA forms N°14873*01 and N°14948*01 by myself.


Application file Appointment
Section 1 -­ Documents requested from the principal applicant Translation Required* BringOriginals
Copy of passp­ort NO YES
Copy of current resident permit NO YES
Copy of the first driving license (front and back) -­ Egyptian one YES YES
Evidence of address at y­our name, received within 90 days of issuance (Electricity, gas, water bil­ls or typing rent receipt) NO YES
2 original color identity pictures (3,5 x 4,5 cm, clear background grey or blue, no white, full face, no glasses nor hat, clo­sed ­mouth, forehead and ears bared) NO YES
2 CERFA forms N°14873*01 and N°14948*01 NO YES
Copy of a recent certificate proving the validity of the driving license issued by authorities where the driving license was issued YES YES
* document for which a certified French translation is needed.

Then you will have to go to "92 boulevard Ney 75018 PARIS".

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