Windows Arabic Encoding Cp1256 &#XXX;

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in this post I will address the Arabic encoding problems.

any one may face one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. Retrieving Arabic data from database and wanna display it in a web page correctly.­
  2. Getting encoded Arabic data from web page and reading it correctly.

for the first Scenario  Retrieving Arabic data from database and wanna display it in a web page correctly.

it may works great with you by just adding the following page Encoding to your jsp page

­<%@ page pageEncoding="windows-1256" %>

and if it didn't work you may need to do encode the retrieved Arabic String as follows:

 String value2 = new String(arabicString.getBytes(), "Cp1256");

and this will encode the Arabic letters as &#XXX;:

 for example "المستخدم" word will be translated to "&#1575;&#1604;&#1605;&#1587;&#1578;&#1582;&#1583;&#1605;" inside the HTML page.

for the second Scenario Getting encoded Arabic data from web page and reading it correctly.

you will need to manipulate the retrieved Arabic encoded serious ­"&#1575;&#1604;&#1605;&#1587;&#1578;&#1582;&#1583;&#1605;" as follows: 

  * decode th­e passed value
  * @return the encoded arabic value
  * @param value
private String denodeToArabic(String value) {      
     return value;
   String newString ="";
   value = value.replaceAll("&#","");
   String[] characters = value.split(";");
   for(int i=0; i<characters.length; i++){
      if(characters[i].startsWith(" "))
         newString +=" ";
      else if(characters[i].trim().length()!=4)
         newString += characters[i].trim();
         newString +=(char)Integer.valueOf(characters[i].trim()).intValue()+"";      ­
   return newString;


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