How to use AndroMDA EJB3 Cartridge

Here I will tune the andromda EJB3 Installation page as I suffered a bit to follow it, So you will find most of this page content is a copy and a past from

It may be a problem in me not to be able to follow the andromda EJB3 Installation page smoothly but any way may be this article will make the life easier for someone.


Since the EJB3 cartridge is not part of the base AndroMDA package, you need to know a few things to get started with the cartridge. This installation and configuration
guide should provide enough information to get you started.


  • You must have the latest Maven (currently 2.0.4) installed and configured. You can install Maven here

  • You need to have an instance of AndroMDA 3.3-SNAPSHOT. At the time of writing this, 3.2
    was released but the latest 3.3-SNAPSHOT from CVS contains updates to the project generator and site plugin; this is more suitable for use with the EJB3 cartridge. Follow the anonymous CVS access at
    AndroMDA project
    to checkout and build the latest andromda-all source from the V3_x_HEAD branch.

    To do this just follow the following two steps:

    • Login as Anonymous CVS User:

           cvs -d

    /cvsroot/andromda login

    • Check out andromda-all source from V3__HEAD:

          cvs -z3 -d

            /cvsroot/andromda co -r V3_x_HEAD andromda-all

  • Finally, you will need the JBoss Application Server. It is recommended to download the latest GA JBoss AS. At the time of writing this guide and with the current status of the EJB3 cartridge, it is recommended to download JBoss AS 4.0.5-GA using the JEMS installer (at least 1.2.0.GA) and install with the ejb3 profile. Read up more about the JBoss AS and download the installer.

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